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Geoff Watson has been involved in motor sport for 30 years. His first competitive ventures took him grass tracking in a Mini. He then became friends with Graham Smith, then a racing driver of Mini's. The pair decided to join forces and try rallying, with Graham as the driver and Geoff as the Co- driver.
After many years rallying Minis, they were searching for a way to spend less time on maintenance and more time rallying.
Although they wanted to stay with the quirkiness of the Mini, they wanted to introduce more power and reliability to their rally vehicle.  Geoff and Graham, fed up with the work required to keep their  'A' Series motor competitive, decided to try a different power unit.

Geoff & Graham take part in various events during the year.

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As a result, in 1995, after various modifications to the body shell and subframe, they created their  first 'Honda powered' Mini!!
The conversion was successful in competition over many years. They now  market kits to enable others to benefit from their experience.
These have proved equally successful when  modifying road going Minis.


Watsons conversion kits are now shipped world wide.

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