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Watsons Specialist cars provide a range of services from supply of the various conversion kits we produce - to fitting a kit into Your Mini - or even building you a complete car!
And now there is a DVD available to buy with the whole process demonstrated. The Ultimate Mini DVD costs 17.95 and is available from Us. If however You feel it is beyond your skills or facilities we can complete the job for you

Fitting the conversion kit into a Mini Clubman
When the conversion kit is fitted into a Clubman shell no alteration to the bonnet or wings is necessary. However The box section moulding for the steering rack has to be completely removed from the body shell.

Fitting the conversion kit into a Standard Mini Saloon
 When fitting the kit into a standard saloon the wings and bonnet need to be lengthened by 90 mm to accommodate the Honda engine. This allows a standard Honda radiator to be fitted in front of the gearbox. When SPORTSPAK wheel arches are fitted the appearance of the car remains typically that of a Mini. The box section moulding for the steering rack is completely removed from the car body. Next the inner stiffening from the front panel below the headlamps is removed. The front lower valance is pulled forward until the panel is vertical and a new hole cut in the bulkhead for the steering rack to go through



Watsons conversion kits are now shipped world wide.

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